I offer the following services:

*Tarot readings – by You tube video or Skype – Questions around love and romance, career, finance, past lives, healing, service, ascension, twin flame, soul mate, what spirit needs you to know etc  – Please see the full instructions for ordering this type of reading on the booking page.

*Energetic connection (Twin Flame, soul connection, etc) Guidance – by Youtube video or Skype – The focus of these readings are tailored to where your at on your journey.  The advice and information can range from – guiding you to where you need to love yourself more and how to work on the skills to do that, developing more power as a twin flame within or out of a physical union. clearing codependency, healing the inner child, relinquishing the need for control, understanding your ascensionary path, releasing all blocks to fully utilising heart energy ie feeling compassion for all others not just your twin, the service element to the twin flame mission etc etc.  The energy of what is going on with your soul connection in the 3D and energetically can also be read. PLEASE understand for true original template twin flame energy – spirit will lead you to fully heal from your emotional wounds and embody the twin flame energy before you can reunite, so generally this is what they will want to talk about. 

*Holy Fire Reiki with Twin Flame energy” – This is sent remotely, it will help heal your energy body and clear your energy field, I can also send it to anyone else you may want healing sent to including a twin. I may receive messages during the healing which I will of course pass on. 

See  booking page for prices

Namaste x