I offer the following services: I aim to complete bookings quickly. Turnaround is Two weeks or less. 

*Tarot readings – by You tube video – I answer questions around love and romance, career, finance, past lives, healing, service, ascension, twin flame, soul mate, what spirit needs you to know anything… Please note I am not a fortune teller based in 3D I am an Ascensionary guide and Twin Flame psychic healer therefore my readings will always tell you what you need to know at the time of the reading for your highest good and it may not always be what you think your gonna get or what you want to hear. All my readings offer insight, some readings can soothe, some can trigger, all will heal and up level you depending on what your soul and guides are telling me you need at that time….

*Skype Sessions with Tarot cards– The focus of these readings are tailored to where your at on your journey.  

As with the video readings you will only be told what you need to know at that time of the session, if your on a Twin Flame journey you may have several levels to reach before physical reunion so in each session me and my guides aim to help you achieve awareness and insight to eventually up level into the reunion energy, there will most likely be some home work ie meditation or book to read at the end of the session. 

PLEASE understand for true original template twin flame energy where both are incarnate- spirit will lead you to fully heal from your emotional wounds and embody the Twin Flame energy as a master before you can reunite with the other flame in the physical world, therefore I no longer spend any time in sessions looking at where your twin is on their path as it will not help you get to reunion. We only look at where you are at and we look at where you need to draw yourself closer and focus on you, so you can be whole, once whole you will be ready to reunite with the other flame outside yourself.

The advice can range from – guiding you out of ego by drawing awareness to codependency, boundary issues, denial, victim mentality, seeing where you have been the subject of abuse, healing and awareness of the inner child, bringing you into self empowerment, letting go of fear, getting you on the path to service, seeing where you need to drop false beliefs, loving yourself, finding self respect, relinquishing the need for control, setting yourself free, liberate yourself, move into better energy, clear karma, let go of karmic situations, awareness of past lives, linkage, awareness of ancestral collective wounding, developing more power as a twin flame within or out of a physical union, understanding your ascensionary or healing path, your starseed/ Lemurian/Angelic origins.


*Holy Fire Reiki with Twin Flame energy” – This is sent remotely, it will help heal your energy body and clear your energy field, I can also send it to anyone else you may want healing sent to including a twin. I may receive messages during the healing which I will of course pass on. 

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Namaste x