Please note I do not read your energy from email, I will get drained of energy if you prompt me to link into your energy before the session by sending too much personal information, so please be respectful and keep it to a minimum until the time of the session. Thanks!

If you already have my email and would like a video reading please email the question, only no extra information.

If I can do a reading for you I will send you a payment link.

If I cant you just wont hear back.

Im sorry but I am not reading for new clients at the moment.

Please keep the information you send to me about your journey or anything else short and specific. The question only, no projections or expectations or wonderings etc……

If you have a lot on your mind or in your heart that you wish to share then journal it to yourself instead of sending it out into cyber space to me. Journaling to your own self helps you connect into your own authentic guidance.