Self Activation

I firmly believe that we are responsible for our own individual healing, wisening up and Ascension, a human guide can help you come into awareness of where you need to work on yourself but they cannot do the work for you, they cannot completely heal or release emotional or thought programming for you, every individual needs to take responsibility for their own rise to soul level and galactic level consciousness.
We rewire our programming not just through the energy field but through the emotional, thought and physical fields this is why when I was brought onto this path I was guided to do the “work” on myself necessary through Yoga, Life Coaching and N.L.P I must add I was never guided to pay for or take part in a group Activation!
I just activated myself and you can do it too.
I started by clearing, updating and upgrading thought and emotional programming and moving my body to up change my cellular level programming. ( If you dont like to move your body, an alternative to physical Yoga would be sound healing, gong baths, that kind of thing)
Give some time, attention, diligence and patience, you will get results.
I would like to share with you a list of the Affirmations that I created and used in my 10 years of “work in progress” If these dont fit your needs you can create your own affirmations -whatever you need at the time, it helps to look in the mirror into your own eyes when you say them at first the eyes being the doorway to the spirit, repeat them at least three times a day into the mirror and repeat even more times without the mirror this will help implant new beliefs and new feeling and thought programming, you can get rid of old programming by creating removal affirmations. When affirmations are repeated throughout the day then they become what is known as a Mantra. When you dont need it anymore ( after a few days, months, years it will depend) it will drop away, you an then start a new one, whatever you need, you can add and delete as many times as you need.
You will create a new you, its fun and its free!!!
For some of these I have to give credit to Louise L Hay if you haven’t heard of her check out her work!

Affirmations : 

I love, value and approve of myself exactly the way I am.
I am as special as the next person.
I am meant to have a joyful and wonderful life.
I treat myself with respect.
I am deserving of love and happiness.
I will meet and succeed each challenge.
I am a creative and thoughtful person.
I am meant to have a joyful and wonderful life.
I will calmly meet each challenge.
I will let go of rigid expectations.
I will let go of the outcome.
I will take charge of my life.
I will not blame.
I like myself.
I trust myself.
I respect myself.
The more I relax and let go the more I get done.
I am grateful for everything I have.
I have everything I need
I feel calm and powerful.
The more I relax and let go the more I get done.
I am grateful for everything I have.
I have everything I need
I feel calm and powerful.
I am letting go of the anger, hurt and pain.
The simple everyday pleasures are my life.
I refuse to be a victim.
Don’t fight imaginary enemies in your head.
Act as if you make a difference and you will make a difference.
There are no problems or obstacles only opportunities.
I act responsibly and lovingly towards others.
I always choose the path with the heart.
I feel myself growing stronger and stronger.
Lighten up and enjoy the ride.
Feel the fear but keep moving forward.
Don’t act urgently unless there is an emergency.
Maintain a sense of humour stay open and relaxed.
I turn over the task of creating what I want to my subconscious.
Ask life to give answers I can clearly understand.
Go in the direction where you feel the best energy.
Do things that make you feel good.
My higher life purpose is the outcome.
I will trust my higher life purpose is unseen but evolving.
Everything is happening perfectly for my higher good.
I will try what I can and trust if it is not right for me it is for my higher good.
I will seek the opportunity in every situation of my life.
Any choice I make will lead to an opportunity for learning and growing.
Listen to intuition and inner wisdom it is connected to the grand design and higher good.
I will become what I want from other people, supportive, positive, loving, caring, independent, higher minded, cheerful, warm hearted.
Act as if you make a difference and you will make a difference.
Forgive myself and others.
Every day has the potential for joy.
Everyday is filled with beauty.
I will give 100% participation, commitment, focus and attention to whatever I am doing at the time.
I will let go of my guilt.
I am giving more and taking less.
I keep my heart open to receive all the riches before me.
I am sculpting my life the way I want it to be.
I release the fear about the outcome of all the situations of my life.
I am good enough for any challenge.
I live my life without drama or addiction.
Everything happens for a reason.
Just keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get there.
I will calmly meet every challenge.
I will meet and succeed each challenge.
I peacefully allow my life to unfold.
Each day has the potential for Joy.
I am thankful for my good health.
I am grateful for my many blessings.
Only listen to the positive, supportive, non judgmental voices.
I am finding the gift in all experiences.
I am powerful and loving and have nothing to fear.
I will listen to the voice of my higher self.
The lower self is ending.
Beauty is always there if you look for it.
Yes to everything the universe has to offer.
My life is abundant.
I am living an abundant life.
No matter what happens in my life I will make something wonderful out of it.
I let go and trust that my life is happening perfectly.
I always choose the path with the heart.
I am finding solutions to all tasks placed before me.
I feel the power and love that my soul radiates.
I relax knowing I can handle all that needs to be handled.
I am creating a rich and joyful life one step at a time.
I let go and let the river carry me to new adventures
The loving arms of my inner life keep me safe.
I put aside all stressful thoughts and focus on what is beautiful now.
Everything I do is perfect for my growth and self discovery.
I am reaching out and inviting others into my life.
I thank those who have contributed to my life.
I am learning something valuable from all life’s experiences.
I touch the world with love wherever I go.
I stand tall and take responsibility for my life.
I feel myself growing stronger and stronger.
I say yes to it all.
I allow no one to take away my good feelings today.
Lighten up and enjoy the show.
I trust the wisdom that lies within me.
My life has meaning and purpose.
I am grateful for the opportunity to create love in this world.
I am listening to the divine within me.
I am grateful for all the opportunity this life gives me to become a more caring and compassionate human being.
Whether you think you can or you cant your right.
Look for synchronicities.