Thank you so much for holding your clear and perfect channel. You were really able to pull the true nature of what I’m going through and have been dealing with over this past year and my whole life! In some ways it is very sad and others is inspirational. I wish all the best for you, will utilize you again and will help spread the word of your awesomeness! P.

Thank-You SO much!  I’ve been unemployed for 6 months now where I’ve been focused on healing wounds on myself and my twin.  I was so blessed when I was guided to you.  I’ve been viewing others and when I came upon you, I believed you would be that one I wanted.    THANK-YOU just doesn’t seem like enough to say, so from my heart to yours, LOVE and LIGHT…  God Bless, B.

“I want to thank you for all of her help and guidance. The reading provided some much needed clarity and direction to help me begin to heal myself and my relationship to the benefit of all those around, I will be coming back to use her services in the future, thank you again so much for your guidance.”Thank you again – Steve 

Thanks for the reading. It was brilliant, spot on,  and I feel it has given me the key to what was always missing in my life. I am now on a mission to change some of the unhealthy behaviours I have fallen into, and to get some energy healing for myself so that I can have the new life you spoke of. Sending huge thanks and much love to you F XXX.

I received a fantastic reading, She was shockingly accurate about so many things. Her messages and insights were exactly what I needed at this time in my life. Simply a beautiful reading and I strongly recommend her. Thank you –S.

“I had a great  reading, She gets right to the point and is accurate, quickly picking up my current energy/situation. She is also compassionate and is able to give appropriate and tangible advice for my situation. I’m excited to see how this all unfolds! Thank you!” – G

I recently received a beautiful, accurate reading,I left the reading feeling empowered, loved and at incredible peace with my twin flame experience. She has a gorgeous energy and a genuine personality. Not only was she spot on with information, but she presented it from a place of true empowerment and unconditional love and respect. Her knowledge of various tarot decks, oracle cards, symbolism and numerology is impressive. This woman has a heart of gold and is an absolute treasure to the twin flame collective. I cannot recommend her enough!-Amy, Seattle, Wa.

Your reading was perfect & the exact confirmation I needed to hear. I thank you so much for your wisdom!  It’s exactly what I needed to hear!! Sending you so much love & light & gratitude!!! -FC

 I started seeing the light ahead of me after watching your November reading for Gemini, and it was just like a reading designed for me. The donation is just a way to say thank you and how good your reading is I was not very much into the sprit kind of thing In the past , but now I have really changed my mind . I was very depressed last Saturday and went to bed with my tablet on playing Gemini readings on Utube . I didn’t know how many different videos it played and played until the next morning,  when I woke up I saw your reading displayed on my tablet , and only I knew  how much I was touched after watching it . – it was just unbelievable !  Hopefully with your blessing and the guidance of your readings , it will bring me to the happiness in the end.  Namaste ( P.S. I don’t mind you put what I said on your website )Best Regards, B.

YEA!!! Your very good at reading. Everything was accurate and reasured me that my intuition was right Thank you so much and many blessings for you and your twin flame. May your reunion come together very soon – Blessings D xxx

 Thank U so very much, I have had many readings done in my long life & I myself am a Medium, but this is by far the absolute best and most comprehensive reading I have ever had – Patricia Eroz

Thank you so much for this. Keep up the good work. You inspire and help people. You will be rewarded for this some day.Looking forward to other reading.Bless you dear – D

Thank you, for being a wonderful channel for Spirit. I really appreciate the message and guidance. It is spot on! I’m very touched.  With gratitude – A

Wow that was completely spot on! You’re truly gifted & amazing! –N

Thanks for the reading and you have nailed it, you literally got the whole story. You are doing well girl. xox0 -B

You have clearly a gift, Thanks -E

Thank you, I could relate to the reading and it makes sense to my current situation. -T

Oh my god, That is spot on!! Couldn’t be more right! – L

Thank you and yes your are so right, was a good reading about myself.  -V

Wow this is so spot on, I think you have hit the nail on the head with this one. Thank You. -F

I would like to thank you very much for your time and your reading.
Wishing you all the best 🙂 -R

Thank you so much for doing the reading so quickly, much appreciated. Very interesting what you are saying here! All in all you are quite spot on, it’s a great reading and very on point. -S

You are literally telling me exactly how I feel and whats going on with me. -P