Offerings- Video readings, Skype sessions and Remote Reiki. Turnaround Two weeks or less. 

Reduced Prices for June 2018 in G.B.P are – You tube £44.44, Skype £55.55, Reiki £44.44

Please take the time to firstly read the services page to decide what you want, then please read through the instructions below before you book because…. 

The booking instructions are different for each service.

Please send everything that is needed on one email. Thank you.

FOR a YOU TUBE Reading:  


1. One CLEAR simply stated question. (To get a focused clear reading you have to ask one focused clear question)

2. Your first and last name and gender (male or female)    

3. The name and gender of anyone your asking about (I am not an astrologer, I do not need birth signs or birth dates or anything else like that) 



1.   The back story around the question, your thoughts, your expectations, your desires on the matter….as it clouds the energy and if the energy around you or the person your asking about is clouded with your “projections” you will not get a clear reading. 

2. If you want to know if someone is coming back to you ask “IF” they will come back NOT “WHEN” as free will of the other person always plays a part and not all timing is destined at a given point in linear time because of that. ( Especially in Twin Flame reunions ) 

If you ask correctly, spirit will tell you exactly what you need to know about what you are asking about, at the time you are asking.

The length of the reading time below may vary slightly depending how much spirit has to say. 

I send the reading to you via your email address, you watch it through your email, its an unlisted video so only you can view it.  

Once you’ve viewed it you can then if you want email me what you wanted to tell me at the start about your situation! 

1 question approx 1/2 hour – £44.44  (usual price (£66.66) 

 Please email me your question after you have paid to

Skype Session:

Available Monday – Friday only.

Please pay then email me your LOCATION (so I can get back to you and book you in)  and your Skype name (so I can connect with you in Skype).

With Skype you can ask as many questions as we can fit into the time, so please have them ready with you at the time of your session. DO NOT SEND ME YOUR QUESTIONS BEFORE THE SESSION.

1.  Appointments cannot run over the time allotted, so please makes sure your Skype is working before the call and that your on time for the call. 

2.  Please have your volume switched up and please be sitting somewhere comfortable and quiet so I can tune into your energy and you can get a clear reading (Its really hard for me to tune in through the sound of dogs barking, machinery, cafe noise or the visual of you or the room moving around on the screen)

3.  I need at least 48 hours notice if you need to reschedule ( I will not always be able to reschedule, so bear that in mind when booking)

1/2 hour – £55.55 (usual price £66.66)


Holy Fire Distance Reiki with Twin Flame energy:   

Send me an email with your location (so I can book you in) send any short description of anything you would like me to focus on in your healing, or you can just say on the email – General check up and I will just do the regular service. I send you an email report following the Reiki with my findings. 

One person – 1/2 hour £44.44 (usual price £55.55)

Two people -1 hour £77.77   (usual price £100.00)


Please make sure you have followed the booking instructions and emailed me what is needed for me to read for you and paid the correct amount in – double digits –

44.44, 55.55 or 77.77 Thanks. 

PAY BELOW   – I am UK based. Please make sure you pay in GBP NOT USD 

click the buy now button, put in the amount for the service in GBP as above ( it will transfer to USD or whatever your currency on your receipt after payment)  pay pal will send you a receipt

All sales are final. Thank you!


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By Law I have to post this legal disclaimer: It is a requirement by law that I state that all tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantees can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other advice. If you require that kind of advice  you should seek a licensed professional. For medical concerns, please consult with a physician. For legal matters, please contact an attorney or law enforcement officer.