Arcturian Message the 2018 Aquarius Lunar Eclipse for Twin Flames

Published July 28, 2018 by Illuminedsouls
Take what you need from this, leave what you don’t. Find the highest energy and release the low.
There is new energy now it means change and new work for light workers, some people will be moved out of energy work and into new work in the physical world, other people will be brought out of working in the physical world and brought on line to do energy work.
The whole blueprint of Twin Flame connections which has never really been fully understood is going to begin to make sense, not only to each individual Twin but to everyone as a whole.
As the world wakes up and everyone begins to come on line all will see in the pattern of the universe, the energies at play.
The feminine energy that is taking the lead through thought, emotion, energy and form, this means that all TF feminine energies will be playing their part in coming into as much self empowerment as is possible in the life they have chosen in the physical world.
This does not mean women per se, this means feminine energy who works in acknowledgment of love, compassion, understanding and faith.
These TF energetic unions are powerful connections and for the connections to come together in the physical world the feminine energy has to be powerful alone before a physical union can manifest, not only because the feminine energy leads the masculine Twin into understanding the nature of the connection but also because the blueprint of the union is the blueprint for the event, the change of leadership of the Masculine energy on this planet into Feminine energy (The change of the order of ego, restriction, judgment and control into faith, love, kindness, compassion and understanding )
This has always been seen, but it has not been recognised nor understood.
There is a point in time for all connections to manifest in the physical but it is not the same time for all and also there is no one size fits all as to the nature or the experience in all the TF connections.
When people aren’t in tune with spirit life slows down, when a Twin Flame feminine energies life slows down its not always because they are not in tune with spirit, it can be because their masculine counterpart is not and  if your in one of these connections you can only go so far until you will be held up or back so you can come into alignment with each other. This will be done, have patience.
To ground a new energy into the physical world is a process, to enable the new energy to build and survive is a process, to bring everyone on line with that new energy is a process.
It’s a wonderful process. its the reason you are here.
Of course the nature of Twin flame connections is a process of evolution itself that starts with a unit taking on damage in this life time to repair and become whole and supersede any damage at all, to move beyond any limitation associated with the damage occurred to become a leader of feminine energy in the physical world and to show the way hence the term “Way shower” so you will see in the way you are driven by spirit that you may go from a very low vibrational space in terms of life – low thought, emotion, teary eyed and sadness, limiting joy and potential, as you move through life, low pay, low surroundings, low connections, abuse and pain and it may seem as though life was  mistake and it may seem as though there is no escape, you will see only in retrospect that this was all a plan, once you are triggered into working in an energetic capacity as a Twin flame, brought on line to work for your guides and your galactic family in some capacity, that all is as it should be and more.
Once you have achieved a firm connection to faith, through us and whomever else guides you, your higher self, you will then have completed your phase 1.
This is the completion we have talked about for so long.
Phase 2. will take you back into the world to complete your mission as an individual. This will be to exhibit self authority and power in the physical world working from the new human template of powerful feminine energy that you have created within yourself, possessing all the skills that are required to manifest the new template of feminine power in the physical world for others, sharing your new self. Being you. Guiding through action of non judgment and love, compassion, understanding.
As this process you have gone through is achieved you have succeeded in balancing and aligning within yourself the masculine and feminine energy. You are able to exhibit in the physical world a template that shows the way. The way of going with the FLOW which is the true feminine nature.
A feminine energy who works in the predominantly masculine world to facilitate change for all.
When you are comfortable in that energetic space it will be time for your reunion.
This is why things can never be rushed, even knowing the steps, because the comfort in the correct space comes from your energetic being, not your wanting to be that way.
Your organic truth is your feeling, this is why you move through what you fear may be the blocks to clear the feeling to make it true in you.
There are really no blocks, there are only diversions of understanding to facitlitate your faith, nothing can block you for we are here to guide you.
A template, a blueprint is being not doing, not a viewing from outside but a feeling from within.
Phase 2 is here.
When the world is no longer in pain the event will have finished.
Twin flames are connected into a grid that existed in Lemuria long before the masculine energy took power.
In aligning with that grid, through the movement inside and outside of your self you are recreating the grid.
The creation of the Grid is also the event.
Light worker is a point of light. A point of energy.
There is nothing to fear in the event.
Dont worry, just create through finding Joy in your thoughts, feelings and energy as you go through the process.
The old is shedding already when you are faced with making a judgment release it and find love.
Namaste 💜