2017 The Great Awakening

Published January 1, 2017 by Illuminedsouls

Hi!  Congratulating all of us on making it through 2016, No:9, the year of completion.

Today is 1.1.1 the beginning of 2017, a No:1 Year, A year of New beginnings, new possibilities, creation and manifestation.
As you may have seen in my last Video  (which you can access here) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMz-ogTissw
I was shown the number 11:11  on the 28th December  in a different way, it was  in the form of an unusual name numerologically 11 and the meaning of the name is “God will Judge” or if you like “God sits in Judgment” I also had the male equivalent of that name spoken to me through my guides a few days before then and the meaning and the number is the same.
Earlier today I saw the name again this time it came in the form of an advert and it appeared twice as it did before.
The meaning of the number 11:11 in case your not aware is “awakening” and it is shown to us when we begin to consciously awaken and come into awareness of our energetic connection to Source A.K.A God (the source of origin of all beings – which exists in a higher dimension beyond the 3D physical world we live in)
So I want to update you with the message and meaning of the signs I received as spoken to me today through my guides.
This No1 year is a a year of awakening for many souls who have until now been living in suspension of the true reason they are here. These awakening souls in human form will need the guidance from the already awakened light bearers.
As Divine light bearers and Divine twin flames our primary soul path in this lifetime is to embody and share the light of unconditional love.
It is our service to change the template of love on this planet to one of unconditional love by setting an example for all to follow, so that we may raise the vibration i.e. consciousness of the planet to that of unconditional love and continue this process of awakening other souls. 
As Divine light bearers and twin flames this service is our number one priority.
All who are meant to do this work are supported by the energy of this year to create and manifest abundance, a means of living in the physical world that allows them to focus on holding and sharing their light.
This year is the time to really step into the truth of why you are here and if your already in that truth then to step up your game and by example lead and share the way for those who will be awakening as they will need not only our our guidance but our strength and stability.
This is not a year of rest it is a year when we can get much done if we focus our energy on the creative potential we hold within us as twin flames.  This is also a year many light workers will be guided to move to set their location or grid points, so follow your inner guidance on this there will be clear signs as to where you will be or should be relocating to.
In regard to the Twin Flame path, for many 2016 was a year of finally purging any last remnants of negative energy that we held within or transmuted through separations and grief, this year we need to trust that what needed to be energetically resolved with our counterparts in 2016 has been resolved, the inner work has been done, we need to believe that and to refocus on our service to humankind.  
For those of us still in separation from our twins this is a year to trust that all that is meant to come to you will come in divine timing and to not fall back into fear and grief.
Because as my guides have said “god will judge” and god is not just source but the divinity that is contained within each of us, so we will judge ourselves when ready for our unions by the amount of light we have come into and the amount of time we are able to hold that light and the amount of souls we share that light with. 
This new year is time to ask yourself are you ready to accept the truth of why you are here, to look beyond the limitations of the physical world and the narrow focus of physical union and to instead accept your mission as a divine twin flame which is to hold and bear your light in service of love to all of human kind.
Blessings to all Namaste xxx
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