About Illumined Souls

Welcome Illumined Souls

I AM Hazel, a Lemurian Twin flame, Energy reader and healer, I’m a Virgo sun & rising & Aries moon – I’m honest, pragmatic, wise, I’m meant to live a life of service and I’m passionate about helping people realise their souls true potential. 

As a child I knew how other people felt & I could always see the truth of situations and if people were working for their own (or others) highest good, then about 10 years ago a series of personal events led to my spiritual awakening and to understanding my twin flame path.

I am a Divine twin flame, I have divine knowing – an uncorruptable and clear connection spirit. I am also psychic – I’m clairsentient – I see and feel other peoples feelings & energy at a distance, I can also feel the energy of places & situations.  I’m claircognizant, my mind tells me things I couldn’t possible know but do, I am clairaudient – I get words and sentences from energy around me popping into my head or into my ears, I am clairvoyant – I see messages from spirit sometimes in symbols or images, sometimes in words. With these gifts I see, feel and hear the energy of the past, the present and future possibilities and destined events. 

I give thanks every day to the energies that I channel that have brought me to this work, the angels and ascended beings, my deceased relatives and loved ones and particularly to my twin flame for the love that I feel and the guidance I receive through the connection I have with him in higher self.  Thanks to all that are helping me through this phase of my life. 

I have been guided to this work primarily to assist in empowering others who are on a divine love path and ascensionary path by giving them the awareness and understanding they need to heal and release all negative energetic blocks in themselves or others so they can ascend and come into physical union and to help people who are not already on these paths awaken to the truth of who they are and why they are here on a soul level – see here – I can tune into the energy of any situation and give guidance on anything i.e. career, finance, romance, past lives, another persons feelings or whats going on in someone else life..etc etc etc, but I always see what the soul needs to know and not what the ego wants to hear.

I have had many life times in this life alone, my wisdom comes from this. As far as working with energy I have studied and worked with Hatha Yoga, Life coaching, N.L.P. body work therapies including – Reflexology, Massage, Aromatherapy, Indian Head Massage, Nutrition and the Reiki Holy Fire healing energy. 

I do not judge, I don’t give negative or harsh information, even if Im telling you what I feel you may not not want to hear I will give it so you can see it in a positive way to empower you.

I obtain as much information for you as possible & deliver it as kindly as possible.

Thank you for visiting. Good luck & Blessings on your journey..

Hazel x