A series of intuitive experiences connected to my Twin Flame that started in 2006  brought about my awakening and ability to tune into higher guidance.

My healing path lasted 10 years.  I used N.L.P to reprogram my mind and retain my thought processes, Hatha Yoga to purify my energy body and to release blocked emotions, self help books to heal my emotional self, spiritual books to understand and Tarot as a medium to connect to the energies around me and others.

My mission right now is to help those on a twin flame or ascensionary path understand that the less they struggle against the flow of “what is” in their life, the sooner they will get to that place of calm and peace, where they can enjoy the energy of joy, which is the highest energy of all.

The more we let go of expectation, worry and fear the more easily we can recognise the highest guidance in our thoughts and emotions and use it to co create a wonderful life.

I tune into the energetic field around my clients, I give them information that will help them to make the right decisions to move forward with faith and trust.

I am able to channel my higher self, Archangels, Higher intelligent energies e.g Pleiadians and Arcturians, deceased loved ones and other true guides of mine and my clients.

I can also read peoples energy through their chakras and I use Reiki with the Angels help, to heal the energy body. 

My work will always shift something in you, that will lead you towards more understanding and clarity, it may not give you what you think you want but it will always give you what you need.

As the Caterpillar knows to become a Butterfly  “Transformation is not the easiest of acts”

Thank you for reading. Namaste

Hazel x