I was born in 1965 and I was loved until I was 10 years old when my mother died after that my father lost the ability to love me and I fragmented.  

In my teens I was a punk rocker, awkward, destructive, unconventional, anxious and withdrawn, when I wasn’t depressed I had a good sense of humour and excelled at art, I loved music and still do.

I had a keen interest in Astrology and by the time I was in my early 20s I was casting natal Astrology charts for friends and “Messing about” reading Tarot cards.

By my late 20’s I had trained in several hands on healing therapies such as Reflexology and Aromatherapy.

Throughout my 20’s and 30’s I led a hedonistic parallel life, I looked ok and I functioned just about, I used drink and drugs to try to fill the empty void inside.

I actually found God briefly on the dance floor of Londons Acid House club scene during the late 80’s early 90’s. 

In my mid 30’s I moved to New York and thats where I met my Twin Flame in 2002 and for a few years we triggered each other, we achieved unconditional love but we had no chance of a relationship as we both shared the same emotional wounds, it all got too difficult and I left in 2006

I returned to the U.K and almost as soon as I got there, a voice that came from my gut said “He loves you” and I knew I had to go back for him, so I did and.. Without any prompting…. he told me he loved me and was going to move to be with me, it triggered me into fear, lack of self love and self worth, my neurosis triggered his and a few months later he metaphorically ran and I never saw him again.

One night around this time a vision of his face drawn in Gold leaf appeared over my bed, I didn’t know at that time but that was his higher self.

In 2007 I told myself it was over between us for good and I grieved while setting off down the path of healing and bringing back all the parts of my fragmented self that I had lost along the way – I gave up all my addictions, I immersed myself in Yoga and I trained to be a yoga teacher, I spent time in India on an Ashram, I meditated, did affirmations, Kundalini Kryas, I studied life coaching, N.L.P,  self help and spiritual books, I started to journal, I began to see spirit in synchronicities and signs.

I still grieved a lot and as much as I tried to I never met anyone to take his place.

In 2012 a voice told me to go back to N.Y for my Twin so I did.. On the plane on the way there a girl I’d never met before sat next to me, we got talking somehow and she came from the same place as him -whats the chance of that a plane of around 400 people – She offered up a load of information about him, he wasn’t in N.Y anymore he had been returned  to his small home town to deal with his blood ties and of course it was no coincidence I met that girl.

In 2013 I reached out to him through a third party, he called me and I felt the energy of his call come in before it actually happened, he lashed out at me which brought up codependency for me to heal, so I got back in touch with my inner child and did more work.

At the same time I began work as yoga teacher and throughout the next few years the voices kept coming, at first they just told me about my future with him, my feelings were telling me how he felt, his energy was all around me and came to my yoga classes with me, his higher self didn’t let go of me.

I continued to grieve and journal everything out, all the emotion and pain, every few months when I looked back over what I had written I saw I knew more than I thought I knew. What I was writing was coming from my higher self.

November 2015 I came across the term Twin Flame in a video on you tube put out by a very well known spiritual guide, but he had it all wrong, I didn’t know how I knew,  I just did. 

Xmas 2015 I was guided to do 30 free test Psychic readings with people Id never met through the free resource Gumtree and they all came back to tell me I was right about their situations. I read that one of them was a Twin Flame and she came back delighted because without asking me thats what she had really come for confirmation of. 

One night whilst sat on the train on the way to a Yoga class I felt his soul step over mine and the energy of our heart chakras merge through our unconditional love.

Mid 2016 the voices and a dream told me to get the Tarot cards out and go on You Tube and work as a Psychic and put out Twin Flame guidance – So thats what I did.. 

Through my connection with my Twin I have been gifted with Clairaudience, Claircognisance, Clairvoyance and Clairsentience, and as my Twin once said to me over lunch many many years ago… “Sometimes I just know things”

I am guided by Pleiadians & Arcturian energies and they come in at random (I spend 99% of my time alone so they have more or less permanent access to me)  I am connected to Lemuria as my Twin and I first existed there.  

Theres loads more to my story but thats how its basically panned out so far. 

My own union?….. We are energetically unified….Physically its 11.5 years of separation and counting….. 

My mission right now is through using my gifts to help as many twins into union as possible. 

The more we let go of expectation, worry and fear the more easily we can recognise the highest guidance in our thoughts and emotions and use it to co create with our higher selves a wonderful life of joy and abundance in line with our gifts and our truth, in service WITH or WITHOUT our counterpart and thats exactly where the Feminine must be to receive the Masculine.


If you let me I will attempt to help you get there, it may not be an easy path forward, but if your on this journey it is the only path. 

I might not have a lifetimes experience of working as a Psychic but thats because I was meant for this work now, because I am a Twin Flame. 

Thank you for reading. Namaste